Everything that’s new in Creature Quest's anniversary update

By , on February 12, 2018

Since launching last year, Creature Quest, the colourful RPG-come-trading card game, has been addicting players with its blend of creature collection and map exploration. All the while its developer VC Games has kept the improvements coming with regular updates. Here's what players have to look forward to as part of its latest anniversary iteration.

Two new gameplay features add a hands-off element to make grinding less taxing. Auto-pickup collects the loot on exposed quest maps for you, whilst auto-battle does what it says on the tin – your creatures take control of the fight. Of course, if you prefer the manual approach, you can use these features sparingly or not at all. Up to you.

New players can benefit from a welcome bundle, a complimentary Legendary creature as well as seven days of log-in rewards. Existing players shouldn’t feel left out, though. Everybody will receive greater rewards from the Battle Tower, and the more creatures from your deck survive every battle, the more you’ll earn.

Three new creatures have also been added to the pile of over 500. There’s the Lightning Nymph, a Rare-level being that features as a Battle Tower reward. Then two new Legendary-level creatures – Cecaelia and Siege Construct.

Aside from the update, a whole host of events are due this year, as well dungeon challenges. Play Creature Quest between February 9-19, and you’ll notice the Valentine’s Day theme, as well as a unique themed quest called Battlefield of Love.

If you'd like to join the fight and start building your deck today, you can find Creature Quest to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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