Childhood fairy-tales meet papercraft worlds in PAPER Anne, the new puzzle platformer featured by Apple

By , on March 2, 2018

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iOS users can now dive into the pages of their own papercraft storybook as PAPER Anne, the new fairy-tale inspired platformer, arrives on the App Store.

Assuming the role of the titular Anne, your story begins when you find yourself swept into a paper-based world that’s been torn asunder by the Queen of Hearts. Alice is nowhere to be found, leaving Anne to take up the mantle as this immersive realm’s saviour. And only through intricate puzzle-solving guided by responsive drag and drop controls can the day be saved.

PAPER Anne makes it easy for you to assume the role of Anne, transporting you into a world of elegantly hand-drawn graphics, populated throughout with some of children’s fictions most beloved characters. The Tin Soldier, Ugly Duckling, and Cheshire Cat are just some of those you can expect to meet.

The magic of PAPER Alice may have already invaded the App Store, but with the game being heavily featured by Apple themselves, many more are expected to step into the game's wondrous world. Publisher UsFun Games are currently working on an Android version, meaning that soon everyone will be able to dive in.

For a unique experience, innovative gameplay and original visual design, download PAPER Anne from the App Store right now.

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