GameSpire’s World of Gunships is now on iOS

By , on April 18, 2018
Last modified 4 years, 5 months ago

Having been out for a couple of years on Android, Gamespire’s World of Gunships has finally landed on iOS. Expect custom choppers, multiplayer dogfights and airborne mayhem.

The gameplay in World of Gunships involves controlling an attack helicopter as it seeks to outmaneuver and defeat enemies over a range of detailed 3D environments. As you play, you’ll gather cash and rubies which can be used to unlock new content, including more powerful helicopters, upgrades and various skins to pimp your chopper with. There are a few modes to try your hand at; Death Match is an online free-for-all, Teamplay is the same but with players split into opposing sides and Campaign is for mission-based solo gaming.

All of the action unfolds in third-person. Holding your device horizontally, you use the left side of the screen to direct your helicopter’s movement, and the right to attack. Each gunship is equipped with two main weapons: a cannon for laying down a hail of bullets, and a missile launcher for less frequent but more powerful fire. Pay attention to your HUD – your cannon can overheat, your missile ammo is finite and your fuel gauge is always running down, so you have to be strategic. Defeated opponents sometimes drop ammo, fuel and repairs, as well as cash and rubies, so even if it looks like you’re on your last legs, you can bounce back – you just have to keep fighting.

If you reckon you’re a flying ace in waiting, download World of Gunships for free on iOS and Android.

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