Space Arena blasts its way onto mobile

By , on April 26, 2018

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Cosmic shooter Space Arena has blasted off into orbit and iOS, and Android users can surrender themselves to its gravitational pull.

GameSpire’s free-to-play title is an area shooter which thrusts players into heavily armed vessels and pits them against scores of other pilots from around the galaxy over an internet connection. PvP battles take place in deep space, set against arena backdrops littered with asteroids and cosmic debris.

Players will earn points each time they blast a rival into space dust and these can be invested in ship customisation and new space crafts. Users will also earn Diamonds as they play, an in-game currency which can be exchanged for power-ups and new abilities.

Unlockable skills include beefed up weaponry and speed boosts and they can be mixed and matched to suit the individual’s playing style. Those who rack up the most kills will find themselves in the upper reaches of the leaderboard in no time. Space Arena is available as a free download through the App Store, and Google Play right now.

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