Armed Heist is the new fast-paced mobile shooter where you can pull off the perfect crime

By , on August 20, 2018

Providing all the thrills that come with undertaking a suspenseful bank robbery, Armed Heist is the new action-packed shooter developed from the ground up for mobile. Releasing exclusively for iOS devices, you’ll need to assess, plan, and execute jobs perfectly to evade the law and bring home the bacon in time.


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Armed Heist places you and a team of talented crime professionals at the centre of the ultimate payday. Detailed 3D graphics make navigating each level’s map a breeze, in addition to dynamic heist scenarios that ensures no bank job ever play out the same. You’ll need to always stay alert, as you’ll never know what’s coming!

There are over 30 unique weapons ready for you to get to grips with, ranging from compact SMGs to long range sniper rifles that help you dispatch enemies from afar. All can be further customised and modified with extra sights, grips, suppressors, and more, meaning that the more you use your favourite weapon, the better it will perform over time.

Progressing through Armed Heist will see the jobs become bigger, with better payoffs and more rewards. Climbing the ranks means being the best professional criminal in the world. A tempting prospect considering the game’s built-in haptic feedback that helps you feel every shot taken in your fingertips.

Get in, get out, get gone, and then do it all over again! Armed Heist is available to download from the App Store today.The Android version will be coming in a couple of months, and the co-op multiplayer update is expected to drop next year.


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