Defend the Cake one slice at a time in the tower defence game’s latest update

By , on October 4, 2018
Last modified 3 years, 10 months ago

Released earlier this year to satisfy the appetite of tower defence game devotees everywhere, Defend the cake is now baking an all-new treat thanks to the newly-released 2.0 content update. Bringing with it new levels, new environments, and a whole new cake to prepare and protect, it’s time to ward off those greedy bugs for good.

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Set in a world full of mouth-watering treats, in Defend the cake your strategic skills are put to the test thanks to an onslaught of hungry critters. Fending them off by placing down toast walls and other delicious defences is your only chance at being successful, and now there’s more ways to do so thanks to Defend the cake’s all new goodies.

As a starter there are three brand new bonus levels, ready and waiting for those who think themselves tough enough for an extra challenge. Then there’s the new cocoa-themed environment to do battle in, and finally, for a main course is the brand new cake style to defend: Red Velvet. Just make sure you keep your eyes on the enemy and not just the tasty layers under threat.

Grab your chef’s hat and get your fork at the ready, now’s the time to protect your delicious delights in an all new way. Experience the game for yourself by downloading it now for iOS or Android.

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