Brand new to Android, Power Fishing by Purple Ocean let's you reel 'em in

By , on October 10, 2018

"We create great fishing!" is Purple Ocean's motto, and the developer has stuck to its guns since it was founded in 2012. The South Korean company has focused entirely on developing and releasing fishing games across a variety of platforms. The latest is Power Fishing, an action-packed mobile game where every line cast promises a battle between you and whatever critter you've snagged. The game delivers an almost beat-em-up style approach to fishing, so if you favour action over realism, this could be the one for you.

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Power Fishing incorporates some novel MMORPG elements into gameplay; you can level up your character and equipment; your fishing rod has attack stats which make a difference to your success rate; you can raid rival players' fisheries for loot and compete in global tournaments. Rendered in full 3D, the characters and environments are easy on the eye. You move from tropical coasts to city harbours in your pursuit of the perfect catch, casting from the back of a yacht.

Everything in Power Fishing can be controlled with one thumb, making it simple to play, though tricky to master. When you cast your line, a meter coloured from green to red let's you determine how far out it will go. There's no waiting hours for something to bite in this game, so keep on your toes. The HUD reveals how many metres your fishy foe is from the boat - then the fight is on. Use your thumb to control the reeling action, dragging the fish high and low whilst aiming for the bonus windows which can add damage to your attack. Each time you're successful, you gain experience points, and you're ranked on your style, too. You can also see how your catch measures up to your friends', and against the worldwide record holder.

As one of the game's loading-screen tips points out, "Fishing makes you feel better." So make yourself feel better, by joining in the fishing fun in Power Fishing, available for free on Android.

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