Fight your way through the fog in Mad Rocket: Fog of War, a revolutionary new strategy game

By , on October 15, 2018

Mad Rocket: Fog of War, the latest project from publisher Four Thirty Three, is coming to change all of your expectations about the strategy war game genre when it arrives later this fall. In this exciting new base-building deck battler, players will have to fight through thick fog to invade your enemies’ bases, calling for players to develop new, unique strategies.

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Come up with a creative strategy for infiltrating the enemy base, carefully selecting units from your battle deck to meet any challenge. You’ll need to account for any obstacle your opponent might throw your way, from aerial attacks to overwhelming ground hits. Collect new weapons and units to build out your arsenal, and earn fame and prizes in the Seasonal Rankings.

Not only will you have to take out your opponents’ bases, you’ll need to build and protect your own. Mad Rocket: Fog of War gives you free reign to build your base in any shape you want, placing buildings carefully to lure your opponents into a false sense of security and protect whatever precious materials you’re hiding within.

Registration for Mad Rocket: Fog of War is now open on iOS (via email here) and Android. Those who register will receive 600 Gems, 200 Gas, and a Rare Chest x3 when the game launches later this month. Get ready for the fight of your life. Mad Rocket: Fog of War is out worldwide on October 30.

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