Make your way through an unending maze in puzzle game MazEpic, available now on mobile

By , on October 29, 2018
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Fancy yourself to be quick, nimble, and have a great sense of space and timing? MazEpic is a maze puzzle game for iOS and Android set to test all these traits, as players are tasked to navigating a seemingly endless maze. Inspired by classics like Tetris and Flappy Bird¸ do you have what it takes to stay alive?

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While the concept behind MazEpic may sound simple, players looking for flexibility or a challenge can rest easy knowing that there’s four game modes to dive into. Epic Infinite Maze is the standard playstyle, requiring you to navigate the correct route through an infinite maze that’s constantly rotating on a 3D cylinder. If you make a mistake it’s game over, so be sure to use bombs to blow up walls or slow down time.

If you’re looking for thrills rather than fury, why not jump into MazEpic’s Race mode, which challenges you to race to the exit as fast as possible. Then there’s Kids, a mode that requires you to find all the lost children in the maze before the sun sets. And finally, Tilt will test your patience by having you solve a random maze that can only be beaten via phone movement.

For developer GoldWave, MazEpic is the result of almost a 30-year passion project. “I needed a new challenge and this project was something I've wanted to do for a very long time,” says the studio’s Chris Craig, “It's actually based on an old ASCII game I wrote back in 1990. Development in Unity went so smoothly that I was able to add many more features than I originally planned. I hope everyone has as much fun playing the game as I had making it.”

Become a master of mazes by downloading the game from either Google Play or App Store today.

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