is a cute Real Time Battle Royale, out now on iOS and Android

By , on October 30, 2018
Last modified 2 years, 10 months ago

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The battle royale category continues to go from strength to strength on mobile, and is the latest game hoping to capitalise on this trend.

Developed by Korean studio Meerkatgames, isn’t a contender to the throne PUBG and Fortnite are still waging war over. It’s a lighter alternative to the genre behemoths, with streamlined controls, cutesy visuals and fantasy elements.

Although the game is designed with accessibility in mind, it doesn’t skimp on strategy or content. There are multiple modes of play to try out, including a 20-strong survival skirmish and the football-themed Munchkin Ball, and each calls for a different tactical approach.

Moreover, characters can be levelled up and progression is randomised to ensure that every player’s experience is unique, for the most part. For instance, the items and rewards on offer when you hit a new level will be different from one user to the next.

Everything about is designed to boost its pick-up-and-play value. The game takes up little more than 70MB on your device and its instant matchmaking tool ensures that there’s no waiting around in lobbies before the action kicks off. is available as a free download from Google Play and the App Store. For more information, check out Meerkat Games’ official website and Facebook page.

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