BRIX! Block Blast brings stacks of fun to mobile

By , on November 10, 2018

The puzzle genre on mobile is beginning to look more crowded than the screen at the end of a Tetris session, but there’s always room for fresh innovation, and that’s what newcomer BRIX! Block Blast brings to the table.

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Developed by Genera Games, BRIX! Block Blast is a block-matching puzzler for iOS and Android, and it’s ready to take shake up the genre by introducing players to new mechanics.

The game takes Tetris-style drop elements and mashes them up with the colour-matching gameplay from modern mobile puzzle titles. It’s a system dubbed ‘drop & match’ and it allows players to combine blocks and earn boosters that will blast them to the next level.

“We didn’t want to make just another predictable match-style game,” said Bruno Marcos, lead developer of the game. “We researched a way to combine new mechanics with classic gameplay that people know and love.”

BRIX! Block Blast takes place against colourful backdrops, and on each level, players can build and collect iconic monuments across the map.

“We created this game with the whole family in mind,” Marcos added. “We wanted it to be challenging enough for adults, but easy enough for kids to pick up and understand”.

BRIX! Block Blast is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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