Clegames’ latest title Soul Seeker: Six Knights is an unmissable action RPG

By , on November 22, 2018

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If it’s an immersive fantasy role-playing experience you seek for your next mobile adventure, look no further than Clegames’ Soul Seeker: Six Knights, heading to the App Store and Google Play this November. Whether you want a single-player JRPG-style narrative adventure or intense PvP action, Soul Seeker has something for everyone.

Go on a quest to claim the Soulstones, rare magical items that have incredible powers. You’ll need to find these stones and save the land of Hermes before other warriors with less noble intent claim them for their own, plunging Hermes into an age of ruin and destruction.

Players will summon over 150 unique heroes in Soul Seeker’s gacha system. You’ll need to build a diverse collection of heroes, carefully choosing the right six to bring with you on each of your adventures. Balance and strategy are key, and you’ll often find yourself swapping out party members to meet each individual challenge. All heroes and their equipment can be upgraded to help players build a perfectly tailored party for their play style.

Soul Seeker isn’t just about party management, though. The game gives you full control of your party in battle as well. Place your heroes strategically around the battlefield, and guide each character’s move to carefully turn the tide of the battle in your favor. You’ll have the chance to explore the game’s story through PvE mode, while competitive players will find plenty of exciting PvP events to keep them busy.

Ready to see what all of the fuss is about? Soul Seeker: Six Knights is now available on iOS and Android.

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