Airheart is a dieselpunk action game set in the sky, brand new to Nintendo Switch

By , on February 11, 2019
Last modified 1 year, 5 months ago

Explore the big blue sky in the newest Nintendo Switch release, Airheart. This rogue-like game, courtesy of indie studio Blindflug, won the Big Indie Pitch at Gamescom 2018. Now Switch players can join the high-altitude action, and even play alongside friends in the exclusive co-op mode.

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The story starts with a girl called Amelia Airheart (a nice reference for history buffs and mystery lovers). She dreams of adventure high above the clouds beyond her home, the sky city of Granaria. You take control of the aspiring pilot as she navigates up, level by level. As you go, you’ll have to fight sky pirates and hunt flying fish. Harvest parts and weapons from the scrap of your defeated enemies, and make your aeroplane tough enough to survive the ascent to the stratosphere.

Airheart offers many beautiful, colourful skies to explore, with a vibrant style that obviously left an impression on the panel at the Game Developers Conference 2018, who chose it as their Game Art Challenge winner. Airheart's ecosystem also makes playing the game all the more compelling, as its skylayers will adapt in colour and species of fish as a result of your interactions with them.

For players that enjoy an extra level of difficulty, Airheart also features a "hard" mode that presents the risk of perma-death - an enticing survival challenge for those that have already beaten the game's "Normal" mode.

Plus, you can now play Airheart with friends. The Nintendo Switch release brings with it an exclusive co-op mode, during which you can join three other players on the deck of a zeppelin.
Begin your journey through the clouds – Airheart is available now from the Nintendo eShop.

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