Computer programming becomes fun with Switch puzzler Trybit Logic

By , on February 26, 2019
Last modified 1 year, 11 months ago

Every now and again, a game comes along that makes learning fun, and that’s certainly true of Trybit Logic on Nintendo Switch.

This logic-based puzzler has been a firm favourite among computer engineering students since it debuted on iOS and Android devices, and has also established itself as a tool to teach computing to youngsters.

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Developed by Himacs, the game tasks players with helping a friendly ‘Bitrobo’ defeat an army of bugs by combining logic operations panels to expose their weaknesses. Changing a bug’s switch from 0000 or 1111 is the way to kill them.

Trybit Logic features two modes of play. In Puzzle Mode, players must use the on-screen logical operations panels to vanquish the bugs as they appear, while in Defence Mode, they must prevent the glitchy army from advancing from the right side of the screen and reaching the Bitrobo over on the left.

A special attack which zaps all of the bugs on screen is one of the deadliest weapons in your arsenal, but you’ll need to top up an energy metre to use it.

Trybit Logic was downloaded more than 270,000 times on mobile devices, and its developers are no doubt hoping that success will continue on the Nintendo Store, where the game is available priced at £6.49.

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