Hone your biking skills in Downhill Masters available now on Android

By , on February 27, 2019

Ever wonder what happens when you mix delightful characters and mini-games with urban downhill bike racing? You get Downhill Masters for Android, of course, the latest from THEM Corporation, a team composed partly of Civilization, Aion, and Icarus Online talent.

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The game sees you joining one of three riders on their day-to-day journey from being passionate amateurs to world-class sports stars. Riding is fast and skill-based, with the option to create your own routes around the increasingly challenging tracks. There are also plenty of skills up for grabs, and new equipment comes thick and fast.

Beyond the core racing, you’ll be tackling a variety of oddball mini-games. These, more often than not, tend to lend some insight into the personal life of your character. Marie, the trick rider, is a famed fashion designer by day; Devito, the power rider, is a master chef; and Steve, the speed rider, is, well, a very competent accountant.

In terms of modes, Challenge Mode allows you to take on 50 different stages with up to 4 other players, while the World Grand Prix revolves around 1-on-1 matches with 28 champions. There’s also no need to worry about using up your mobile data as the game can be played anywhere, even if your device is in Airplane Mode.

So, if that all sounds like a grand time to you, be sure to download Downhill Masters available now on Android, while the iOS release is also on the horizon.

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