Medieval Dynasty offers multiple-choice fun for the mobile

By , on February 27, 2019
Last modified 2 years, 7 months ago

Developer Robobot Studio has mainly focused on creating personal assistant apps, or ‘bots’, but Medieval Dynasty is something a little different — an RPG that’s all about choice. And it’s just been released on iOS, Android and Windows.

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Set between 476 and 1492 AD, the game puts you in charge of a fictional kingdom with the aesthetic of Medieval Europe. From the throne, it’s your job to make the vital decisions which will keep everything running as it should. However, every problem confronting you has more than one solution, and there isn’t always a clear-cut correct option. It’s up to you to weigh up the pros and cons; will this improve your standing with the church, or the army? Is it more or less likely to succeed? How much of the kingdom’s resources will it eat up? Little on-screen indicators with give you a hint. It’s basically a balancing act, and you’ve got be wise if you want to succeed.

The story in Medieval Dynasty is broken up into more than 4,000 rounds. Each round has some major event you’ve got to deal with. As you progress, forging alliances, fending off enemy invasions and keeping your subjects happy, you’ll move from one ruler’s reign to another. All the kings have a distinct personality trait which impacts the trajectory of your rule — so no two rounds will be quite the same.

Ready to take your place on the throne? Then download Medieval Dynasty for free on Android, Windows and iOS.

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