3D puzzler Globesweeper offers up a new take on classic Minesweeper

By , on April 4, 2019
Last modified 1 year, 3 months ago

If you’re into gaming as much as we are, you’ve likely played (or at least heard of) Minesweeper. One of the original set of puzzle titles that came with Windows operating systems back in the day, its straighforward and addictive gameplay quickly made it the most played game on PC.

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Globesweeper takes everything that made Minesweeper great and ups it, adapting the grid-based layout of the original game to make it entirely 3D. Rather than simply navigating around a flat square grid you'll be trying to not blow up across entire worlds. These can range from smaller 92 tile maps to colossal 20,480 tile ones.

There are four levels of difficulty to choose from which when combined with the choice of map size (5 in total), can make for a game that lasts several minutes, or several hours, depending on what suits you at the time. And for those who hate having to resort to guesswork, developer Incandescent Games added in a “Guaranteed Solvable” mode to help when things get too frustrating.

Globesweeper features plenty of achievements and tracks your stats, so you’ll have plenty of things to aim for whilst keeping an eye on how well you’ve been doing. The game boasts some really cool customisation options too, allowing you to choose different themes, like Earth, Mars, or Venus, for your worlds.

The game is already out on iOS, Android and Steam and it is well worth a look.

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