Latest update for Brown Dust adds new characters and an exciting tournament mode

By , on May 3, 2019
Last modified 3 years, 7 months ago

Turn-based fantasy RPG ‘Brown Dust’ has become a tremendous success for publisher Neowiz thanks to its stellar visual presentation, intense combat, and compelling storytelling. Since launch, the game has received an impressive amount of fresh, fan-requested content, and its latest update might just be its best yet.

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The biggest draw here is the inclusion of a super challenging tournament mode, all ready and set to launch on May 30th. The top 128 players on each server will have the chance to progress through rounds, take on rivals, and earn a cache of exceedingly rare diamonds. And if you don’t quite make the cut, you can instead participate and nab some rewards by supporting and cheering on your favourite players.

We’ll also be able to recruit 3 new and mysterious Mercenaries, the dangerous “Iron Ladies". First off, there’s Charlotte, a powerful 4-star magician whose AOE attacks can easily turn the tide of battle; Laura, a 5-star support character whose buffs and ability to imbue shields with lightning energy are unparalleled; and Wilhelmina, a 5-star warrior powerhouse who has a knack for 1v1 encounters and attacks that ignore armour ratings.

For players looking for more story content, the update also adds a substory campaign for the intriguing Carlson. And best not forget about the stunning new costumes for Ceres and Veronica, two fan-favourite characters. You’ll be able to purchase these by using special tickets that can be earned through participating in the tournament mode.

On top of that, the free level-up packs are due to be rebalanced so that you’ll be rewarded with better items for levelling up or making progress in the campaign.

For those of you who haven’t yet started your journey in the epic world of Brown Dust, it’d be wise to head straight for the App Store or Google Play to download the game and delve headfirst into the action.

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