Lootbox RPG offers tons of great turn-based dungeon crawler adventuring

By , on May 9, 2019
Last modified 3 years, 6 months ago

Fans of old-school dungeon crawlers will find much to love in the recently released Lootbox RPG, the latest from the team behind classic RPG Silversword. This one serves up a generous portion of 2D loot-hunting and adventuring through hell itself, with a deep spell casting system and exciting turn-based combat to boot.

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You play as the son of ‘His Great Unholiness’, the Devil, after being summoned home to hell in order to defend the realm from powerful invaders. Through exploring randomly-generated dungeons, helping NPCs, earning loot, and taking on the foulest of creatures, you’ll eventually grow more powerful and capable of besting the late-game bosses.

Each of the game’s many levels house treasure chests to hunt, secrets to uncover, and lots of great loot to try out. The deep magic system allows for tactical and devastating spell casting, and it’s all done simply through combining various runes. Exploration is always handsomely rewarded, and there are even minions to recruit who can help out in a fight or carry your heavier equipment.

The game’s latest update has added some fresh ideas and a handful of smart refinements. There’s now a friendly NPC who can help you reset your skill points for free, an expert in magic has appeared to further explain the spell casting system, and you’ll also be able to delete or reset your save files whenever you want to.

While Lootbox RPG already offers hours of mysterious dungeons and quests, developer Mario Gaida is set to continue supporting the game with free content for some time to come. And this is a premium app, so your experience will never be compromised by IAPs, ads, or any other freemium monetisation tactics.

Lootbox RPG is not to be missed if you’re a fan of dungeon crawlers, turn-based combat, or rewarding exploration and adventuring. So make a quick trip to the App Store or Google Play to check this one out.

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