Stunning MMORPG ‘MU Origin 2 is just one week from global launch

By , on May 22, 2019

Webzen’s epic fantasy MMORPG ‘MU Origin 2 has just been announced to launch globally for iOS and Android on May 28th. For those not in the know, MU Origin 2 will be the second spinoff to the legendary MU Origin series which is set to refine the original formula, bring back fan-favourite mechanics and ideas, and deliver a gorgous and mystrious world.

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The game will feature three starter character classes; the Elf, which excels at ranged combat, the Dark Knight, who's all about up-close encounters, and the Dark Wizard - a powerful magic user.

The real-time combat promises to be tactical, fast, and full of potential for unique playstyles. PvE will almost certainly be as great as ever, but the real challenge will come from the arena-based PvP battles. These can be played either 1v1 or as part of a dedicated guild. If you’re not the fighting type, you could instead take part in solving some puzzles with friends.

The game has already become a chart-topping hit in China, South-East Asia, and South Korea. With so many players now invested in the world of MU Origin, it comes as welcome news that Webzen plans to continue supporting the MMORPG with challenging daily dungeons and field missions.

If you can't wait to delve headfirst into the incredible world of MU Origin 2, just head on over to the App Store or Google Play and pre-register now.

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