Latest update for popular strategy RPG Brown Dust introduces Companions

By , on July 11, 2019
Last modified 1 year, 3 months ago

The hugely popular strategy RPG Brown Dust has received a whopping new update that makes a host of smart changes and adds a game-changing new feature: Companions.

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For those who haven’t yet tried it, Brown Dust is an accessible but layered strategy RPG where the challenge comes from optimising your Mercenary party and thinking tactically about your turn orders.

Companions are set to shift the current meta, boosting their assigned Mercenary’s level cap from +10 to +15. Each one is connected to a single Mercenary, and even the less played Mercenaries will have one.

The more you level up your Companions, the more of their lore and backstory you’ll uncover. Their look will also continue to change as they grow in power. Recruiting the first new Companion for each Mercenary is made easy using the game's Fate system, with no need for Diamonds or Scrolls.

The new update will also make a number of tweaks to Brown Dust, including increasing pull rates for all Companions and Mercenaries. And by using a Chance-Up Banner, you’ll be guaranteed a 5-star Companion after you’ve made a set number of attempts.

With the 500-day anniversary of Brown Dust approaching, Neowiz will be doling out log-in rewards, including a 5-star Mercenary. You’ll also be able to swap your collected materials for up to three new Companions. And, starting July 18th, logging in will net you other rewards like Diamonds, a 5-star Mercenary, and more.

To begin your journey into the exciting world of Brown Dust, simply head for the App Store or Google Play and download the game for free.

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