Fantasy RPG First Summoner challenges you to develop the perfect deck

By , on July 19, 2019

Great news today for fans of strategy RPGs, as SkeinGlobe and LINE GAMES’ First Summoner has now launched for both iOS and Android. It’s a tactical real-time RPG with plenty of scope for unique strategies and inventive deck building.

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First Summoner was designed specifically for one-handed play in portrait mode, meaning it’s comfortable to play in short or long sessions. The idea is that you’ll manage your hero and chosen deck of 6 cards using the game’s deck-building feature. You decide what goes into your deck, and each AI enemy or online opponent will likely require a unique setup from you.

There’s a ton of stuff to see and do here, with the World Map main campaign and a challenging PvP arena called ‘Snake’s Head’ liable to eat up hours of your time. Another cool mode is the roguelike endless dungeon which sees you trekking through a series of levels in search of rare treasures.

There are plenty of special summon and spell cards to utilise, and the game makes it easy to switch cards in and out of your deck or test your setup’s efficiency.

Now that the game has launched, First Summoner’s first major event has now begun. It’s a celebratory opening event called ‘A 7-Day Journey’ where you’ll have plenty of daily missions to take on and even a Legendary Card to earn.

To get involved in the weird and wonderful world of First Summoner, simply head for the App Store or Google Play and download the game for free.

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