Build your own fairy-tale tower in new card game Theme Solitaire

By , on October 17, 2019

Modern mobile gaming isn’t all about huge multiplayer competitions and dazzling pyrotechnics. There’s plenty of room for family-friendly, casual solo gaming – which is where games like Theme Solitaire shine.
This new release from indie developer Buff Studio Co. is a fun twist on tri-peaks solitaire. As you play cards, you’ll gather resources – from furnishings to folkloric characters – everything you need to build, customise and populate your fantasy tower.

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Beyond the countless collectibles, there are mini games, bonus rounds and more to keep things lively. Throughout Theme Solitaire, you’ll encounter familiar figures from children’s stories, such as Pinocchio, Peter Pan and Snow White, as well as unlock new floors to adorn to your tastes. The developers have also announced plans for a new tower in a future update, with an as yet undisclosed theme to look forward to.

The solitaire itself is designed to be as easy and stress-free as possible, making this the perfect choice for casual gamers and accessible for all ages. Dip in whenever you want, complete a few rounds and keep building your tower. You don’t even need to be online to play (perfect if you’re thrifty with data).

If you’re looking for a new, relaxing mobile game that you can enjoy offline and by yourself, give Theme Solitaire a try. You can download it for free on iOS and Android today.

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