Collect new heroes in the Hello Hero All Stars October update

By , on October 16, 2019

Hello Hero All Stars is the latest in the successful Hello Hero series of games from Fincon. Released in June 2019, this hero-collecting RPG is an idle game designed to let you sit back and enjoy the show, or let your characters progress whilst you’re busy elsewhere.

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This October, Hello Hero All Stars’ developers have released a fresh update with plenty of extra content. First on the cards is a new planet to explore: Cucubita. The world unlocks once you’ve crossed the 50,000-kilometre milestone on Armon, and is home to plenty of baddies for your squad to take on — including some brand new bosses. Also trapped on Cucubita are a host of new heroes to rescue (collect), spanning the full range of classes, from Attackers to Healers — with starting grades of A and above. Black Knight Drake should definitely be on your wish list; he comes with a starting grade of SS, a primary attack that inflicts damage on all opponents and a defensive skill which shields your most injured player.

You don’t need to replace all your old heroes, though, especially not with the two additional grades of equipment the update introduces — SR and SSR. Reflecting their increased rarity, gear in both grades will boost your heroes’ stats and make them a match for Cucubita’s most challenging bosses. You won’t have to worry about grinding as much, either, thanks to an increase in the amount of gear dropped during expeditions, and the new ability to bring heroes home early so you can utilise the items they’ve gleaned sooner.

The new Hello Hero All Stars update arrived yesterday on both Android and iOS. Download the game now for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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