Test out your mech commanding skills in action game Reflex Unit 2, available now for iOS and Android

By , on March 26, 2020
Last modified 2 years, 4 months ago

If you're a fan of mechs and love wave-based combat, then Reflex Unit 2 is a game that should be on your radar. It provides a variety of game modes to enjoy on either iOS or Android, with a VR version also available.

It will have cross-play too, so if you enjoy multiplayer then you'll have a greater chance of getting into matches quickly as the player base is made larger thanks to this. That applies to any of the modes too, whether that's the co-op Campaign, Versus or Survival.

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Versus will be your standard deathmatch setup with four players going head-to-head to determine who the most skilled mech pilot is. Meanwhile, Survival is a small-scale battle royale where up to four players again will fight to be the last alive.

This time though, you'll start off as a pithy soldier and will have to scour the map for various mech parts to make yourself more capable in a skirmish. The map will shrink as the game wears on with each match lasting around 5 minutes, so it's perfect for playing in shorter bursts.

If you're not into the competitive side of gaming, fear not. There is also a pretty extensive-sounding campaign on offer too. It will take place over 9 stages with an Expert mode unlocking once you've bested the single player on Normal. The lighting will also change on the harder difficulty, with some missions becoming night-time variants of those stages.

You'll find a wide range of mechs to test-drive, from small mechs that can be used to squeeze through smaller gaps to adopt a stealthy approach to hulking options that are best suited to an all-out attack. Each of their weapons will come with a variety of secondary options such as homing missiles, plasma grenades, shields and invisibility cloaks. So there's plenty to tinker with.

Reflex Unit 2 is available now on both iOS and Android with both free-to-play and premium options available.