MU Origin 2's latest update sees the arrival of the unique Magic Gladiator Class

By , on May 21, 2020
Last modified 2 years, 2 months ago

Abyss Season 11 kicks off today in MU Origin 2 and there's also Couple Dungeons and Couple Skills for married players too, offering even more reasons to tie the knot. But the addition most players will be interested in is the arrival of the Magic Gladiator class.

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This unique class can decide whether they want to have a sword or a staff and are also capable of equipped up to two weapons in each hand. This means they'll be extremely powerful in close-quarters battle. They also have lots of options with up to 16 skills that range from Lighting to a Power Slash.

To try out this new class you'll need a character that has hit level 120 and from there you'll have to decide if you want your Magic Gladiator to be Strength or Energy-based. Though this can be changed again with Diamonds so you're not locked into which choice you make.

As mentioned Abyss Season 11 is also underway now. During the new season, players will be able to participate in either the Abyss Arena or Abyss Castle Siege. The former will see players battling it out one on one to be ranked highly among their Abyss Group. Abyss Castle Siege meanwhile, will see players vying to become the best Guild on their server.

There are more activities for married players to do too with the addition of Couple Dungeons. These will allow them to battle their way through monsters and bosses to earn themselves rewards. Among those rewards will be Wedding ring enhancement materials.

Married players will also be able to get Couple Skills now too, with there being three in total. Beautiful Encounter will grant players additional Zen from field monsters whilst Warm Love will net them extra experience from them. Finally, Heavy Longing will allow couples to resurrect each other a total of 10 times per day.

MU Origin 2 is available for both iOS and Android as a free-to-play game.