Figure Fantasy, the idle figurine-themed title from Komoe Technology Limited, opens pre-registration today

By , on November 8, 2021
Last modified 2 years ago

Komoe Technology Ltd. has officially opened pre-registration sign-ups for Figure Fantasy, its latest idle game that's all about realistic 3D figurines. Now open for pre-registration on iOS and Android devices all over the world, the game boasts gorgeous visuals that showcase each figure's real-world material textures with realistic light refraction.

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Because Figure Fantasy's 3D figurines are absolute eye-candy, players can enjoy collecting them through the one-of-a-kind in-game Blind Box system. Then, these figurines can be proudly displayed on a customizable shelf in the game as well.

Of course, the figurines themselves have their own story outside of their master's knowledge, as they fight off evil forces on a 3x3 grid. Characters have unique "brands" such as Defenders, Vanguards, Militarists, Helpers, and Specialists, and players can easily level them up thanks to the game's idle gameplay.

Ready to dive into a miniature world? Once pre-registration sign-ups reach a certain milestone, players can receive rewards such as Lucky Coin x 10000, Diamond x 300, Super Blind Box Piece x 60, Rare Blind Box Coupon x 10, and Ultra Figurine: Erikzia. If you're keen on grabbing those goodies for yourself, you can sign-up for Figure Fantasy now on the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, or on the official website.