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Bridge Constructor Médiéval Review

Review Headup GmbH By Alex Beech, 5 years, 11 months ago
Bridge Constructor Médiéval Review

Mechanically, Bridge Constructor Médiéval adds very little to the existing Bridge Constructor formula. As before, building your bridge to cross the game’s various chasms is a simple process of selecting the desired materials from the menu and then tracing them into existence within a virtual grid. You have to work within a budget, making the construction process a little more tricky, especially if you want to achieve each stage’s more challengi…

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Bridge Constructor Review

Review Headup GmbH By Andrew Nesvadba, 7 years, 9 months ago
Bridge Constructor Review

When approaching a genre that is already quite niche and well represented by a few shining titles, it behooves a new entry to bring something new to the table. Bridge Constructor by Headup Games makes its mark by challenging players to make bridges that occasionally feel less than intuitive despite the generally realistic physics applied to them. The first major challenge you'll have to overcome is in the actual construction of the bridges themselves, with anchor points being the only…

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