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Doodle Jump Review

Review Lima Sky By Dave Flodine, 10 years, 9 months ago
Doodle Jump Review

Looking for a diversion on your iPhone? Well Doodle Jump might just be the game for you. Like the name suggests, you play a strange notebook doodle and your goal is to jump from platform to platform while avoiding other strange notebook doodles. The higher you jump, the higher your score. Very simple, yet very addictive. The controls are part of the reason for the addictiveness. You simply tilt the iPhone to jump from platform to platform, and if you wish to destory an enemy, tap the…

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Doodle Jump VS

Doodle Jump VS FREE!

App 1.0.3

Doodle Jump Race

Doodle Jump Race FREE!

App 1.2.2

Doodle Jump Christmas Special

Doodle Jump Christmas Special FREE!

App 1.1.4

Doodle Jump Easter Special

Doodle Jump Easter Special FREE!

App 1.0.5

Bubble Wrap FREE

Bubble Wrap FREE FREE!

App 1.0.2

Doodle Jump HD

Doodle Jump HD $2.99

App 3.21.1

Doodle Jump - Insanely Good!

Doodle Jump - Insanely Good! FREE!

App 2.77.1

doodle jump: HOP The Movie

doodle jump: HOP The Movie FREE!

App 1.2.2

Bubble Wrap®

Bubble Wrap® $0.99

App 2.0

Doodle Jump Christmas PLUS

Doodle Jump Christmas PLUS $0.99

App 2.2.4

Cyberchase Math Match

Cyberchase Math Match $0.99

App 1.2

A Christmas Doodle Monster Match

A Christmas Doodle Monster Match $0.99

App 1.0