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Chopper 2 Review

Review Majic Jungle Software By Andrew Nesvadba, 8 years, 11 months ago
Chopper 2 Review

Way back in the 'way back when' the Apple II was host to a neat side-scrolling action title called Choplifter. Over two years ago, this genre saw a revival on the App Store thanks to the Chopper series and now, after a long wait, fans of the original can get their hands on this juicy and surprisingly featured sequel for their iDevice of choice. The basic controls are incredibly simple and intuitive to learn, requiring tilt-based movement to direct your helicopter with precision around…

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The Blockheads

The Blockheads FREE!

App 1.7.4

Sand Pictures

Sand Pictures $2.99

App 1.0.3

Chopper 2 Wireless Controller

Chopper 2 Wireless Controller FREE!

App 1.0

Chopper Lite

Chopper Lite FREE!

App 1.3.1


DuckDuckDuck $1.99

App 2.1


Chopper $2.99

App 1.3.1