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Cubetrix 3D Review

Review Mobicle Co.,Ltd. By Dave Flodine, 10 years, 7 months ago
Cubetrix 3D Review

Did you ever play a match three gem game and think, "I want these colours to be in cubes that i can push from the outside?" No? Well too bad cause that's what Cubetrix 3D is. Those tricky cubes need to be pushed to form lines of three of the same colour which will then explode, sending the rest careening together, hopefully leading to more explosions. Ok, so maybe the tone is a little melodramatic, but that's the basic idea. There are three buttons on screen. Two are used to move the…

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App 1.0.2


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App V1.0.0

OX 런닝맨 for Kakao

OX 런닝맨 for Kakao FREE!

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그란트리아 FREE!

App V 1.0.0

Defence Hero2

Defence Hero2 FREE!

App Defence Hero2_V1.0.0

Bubble Push

Bubble Push $0.99

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Worldsports Championship

Worldsports Championship FREE!

App V1.0.0

Dark Blade +10,000P

Dark Blade +10,000P $0.99

App 1.0.0

Dark Blade

Dark Blade FREE!

App 1.0.0

Craft Defence+15,000

Craft Defence+15,000 $0.99

App V1.0.0


크래프트디펜스+15,000 $0.99

App V1.0.0

Craft Defence

Craft Defence FREE!

App V1.0.0

Bloody Western

Bloody Western FREE!

App 1.0.4

Goal Battle

Goal Battle FREE!

App V1.0.4