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F1™ Challenge Review

F1™ Challenge Review

Formula 1 is all about precision. Brake too late going into corner or accelerate too quickly coming out of one, and your championship hopes can be drowned in a pool of your opponent's victory champagne. Perhaps that's why The Codemaster's latest take on F1, a top-down arcade-style racer, feels a little strange. It presents you with a format usually reserved for skid-tastic, tyre-squealing follies like Micro Machines, and then asks you to control some of the fastest racing cars on the…

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Colin McRae Rally Review

Colin McRae Rally Review

Disclaimer: I am not much a racing fan. Perhaps it's having to deal with crazy drivers on the road everyday, but watching high speed vehicles zoom around perilous twists and turns, seeing drivers taking their lives into their own hands... Well, it's just a little bit much. The one exception is rally driving. In this discipline, the drivers are competing more against the clock than each other. Ultimately, they are competing with themselves, trying to perfect each corner they take to se…

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F1 Mobile Racing

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F1 2016

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