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3 Kingdoms TD Review

3 Kingdoms TD Review

Excuse me a moment while I get a bit geeky for a second. After enjoying the TV series of Cowboy Bebop I was excited to check out the Director's new work, Samurai Champloo. Just like the first show this anachronistic, hip hop inspired show just oozed with style, even though it wasn't a culture I was particularly invested in. 3 Kingdoms TD by Joymaster shares a similar enthusiastic, over-the-top style that practically assaults you from the moment you jump in, but amongst the chaos is a c…

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3 Kingdoms TD for iPad

3 Kingdoms TD for iPad $3.99

App 1.0.0


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App 2.9.2

3 Kingdoms TD Lite

3 Kingdoms TD Lite FREE!

App 1.2.0

Hong Kong Mahjong 2in1

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Bug's Bubble Lite

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Bug's Bubble

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Crazy Tornado

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Jump! Santa Jump!

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World Series of Mahjong

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