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Sketch Nation Shooter Review

Review Sketch Nation Inc. By Andrew Nesvadba, 9 years, 5 months ago
Sketch Nation Shooter Review

When Little Big Planet was released an interesting article was written discussing the game's successes and failures, but one part in particular stuck with me. Paraphrased it goes along the lines of 'not everyone is a game designer, so why should we expect the games to be better than average?'. Sketch Nation Shooter by Engineous Games has brought a DIY shoot'em-up kit to the App Store, but is it worth the admission price? As a shooter most of the titles are fairly generic, but the exam…

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Sketch Nation Create

Sketch Nation Create FREE!

App 4.3.2

Sketch Nation Galaxy

Sketch Nation Galaxy FREE!

App 1.0.4

Jet Ranger 2

Jet Ranger 2 FREE!

App 1.0.1

Gift Collector

Gift Collector FREE!

App 1.0.1

The adventures of martin wood

The adventures of martin wood FREE!

App 1.0.1

Hermin The Spider

Hermin The Spider FREE!

App 1.0.1

Sylvita Bomb Defuser

Sylvita Bomb Defuser FREE!

App 1.0.1

Ghosty: Road To Heaven

Ghosty: Road To Heaven FREE!

App 1.0.1

Deep Dungeon

Deep Dungeon FREE!

App 1.0.1

Sawmill Madness!

Sawmill Madness! FREE!

App 1.0.1

Chaos Driver

Chaos Driver FREE!

App 1.0.1

Cowboy Jump

Cowboy Jump FREE!

App 1.0.1

Flying Fury

Flying Fury FREE!

App 1.0.1

Fly Me Home

Fly Me Home FREE!

App 1.0.1