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The Creeps! Review

Review Super Squawk Software LLC By Damian Chiappara, 10 years, 11 months ago
The Creeps! Review

The Creeps! is a tower defence game where you must protect a scared little boy from the waves of creeps coming out of his closet. You must set up various attack towers in order to stop the creeps and can upgrade them to fight off the stronger boss enemies. Players control tower positions by tapping on an open space and then selecting which tower to place. Once placed towers will attack enemies once they are in range, or players can select enemies or other objects to manually target th…

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The Creeps! 2

The Creeps! 2 FREE!

App 1.02.08

The Creeps! Stickers

The Creeps! Stickers $0.99

App 1.0

Cray Cray Creeps! Lucky Edition

Cray Cray Creeps! Lucky Edition FREE!

App 1.0.1

Cray Cray Creeps! Love Edition

Cray Cray Creeps! Love Edition FREE!

App 1.0.1

Cray Cray Creeps!

Cray Cray Creeps! FREE!

App 1.0.1

Crash Cam

Crash Cam FREE!

App 1.1

The Creeps! Holiday Edition

The Creeps! Holiday Edition $0.99

App 1.10.1

The Creeps! Zero

The Creeps! Zero FREE!

App 1.11.0

The Creeps! HD

The Creeps! HD FREE!

App 1.16.07