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Tiny Prehistoric Adventure Review

Review Alexandre Minard By Alex Beech, 10 years, 1 month ago
Tiny Prehistoric Adventure Review

Tiny Prehistoric Adventure is an elegant mix of point-and-click adventure and puzzle game. Sending you back to the jurassic period, you play the part of a miniature time traveller who is stranded after his era hopping machine breaks. Before beginning each area you are treated to a vivid comic panel showing the dangers you are about to face. These are in perfect keeping with the game’s bright 2D art, and do a good job setting the tone. Streamlined point-and-click controls have y…

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PuzzleManiak Review

Review Alexandre Minard By Andrew Nesvadba, 14 years, 4 months ago
PuzzleManiak Review

I'll confess, it's not often that I truly enjoy a puzzle game because I honestly prefer my games to be more... 'gamey'. Puzzle Maniak by Alexandre Minard is an assorted collection of borrowed puzzle ideas with some unique ones thrown in that keeps you pulled in through its sheer polish and clever online features. Instead of being a hodge-podge of half-finished games Puzzle Maniak manages to implement each puzzle completely along with customizable difficulty levels. You're almost guara…

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