Drag Racer : Perfect Run Review

By , on September 19, 2009

Drag Racer : Perfect Run
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2 out of 5


  • Still the same fun Drag Racer gameplay; decent amount of gameplay and customisation options.
  • Option to use your iPod during gameplay.
  • Automatically saves your career, cars and cash.


  • A large number of online flash game features are missing in this iPhone version; how do you exclude NOS from a drag racing game?!
  • All the cars are blank and nameless; most likely due to possible legal infringements.
  • The gear shifting controls are very messy and 6th gear is almost impossible to shift into.


While it’s not as good as the original flash game, Drag Racer: Perfect Run is still a somewhat satisfying spin-off title and is worth the current price.

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Drag Racer: Perfect Run is a port of the popular online flash game for the iPhone. Your goal is still the same; to buy a car, earn money by racing and continue to upgrade your car until you can buy a better car. The game is essentially the same as the flash version, but there are some slight differences throughout.

The controls have been changed slightly as players use a pedal to accelerate and must drag the gear stick up and down with their finger to change gears. This would make for some fun gameplay, but you will have problems shifting gears as it’ll either not register or just puts you into the wrong gear all together.

The visuals look about the same as the flash version, which is a little disappointing but fine. The game is limited to sound effects only, but players can use their iPod during gameplay if they choose to. The game is single player only, but there are a ton of different race and customisation options to keep players happy for a while.

Drag Racer: Perfect Run is a good port but lacks some of the things that made the flash version so much fun. Perfect gear shifts, car show modes, Dyno options and, worst of all, Nitrous Oxide and Turbo features have all been excluded. It doesn’t make the game bad, just not as great as the original. But if you love drag racing games, then there’s still a lot of the original gameplay here and high octane fun to be had.


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