Cubetrix 3D Review

By , on March 17, 2010

Cubetrix 3D
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3 out of 5


  • Colourful and simplistic.


  • Not as exciting as it sounds.


An interesting take on the match three puzzle game. Explode those cubes!

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Did you ever play a match three gem game and think, "I want these colours to be in cubes that i can push from the outside?" No? Well too bad cause that's what Cubetrix 3D is. Those tricky cubes need to be pushed to form lines of three of the same colour which will then explode, sending the rest careening together, hopefully leading to more explosions. Ok, so maybe the tone is a little melodramatic, but that's the basic idea.

There are three buttons on screen. Two are used to move the block on the outside clockwise or counter-clockwise, and the big button is used to push into the row, ousting the block at the end. In puzzle mode you only have a set amount of moves to clear the screen of blocks while in arcade, a timer ticks down, with a higher rating being awarded the faster you finish.

The blocks are colourful in their own rounded corner cube-ish way, and the effects when colours hit together is nice. The music is decent and ipod access is enabled. With lots of levels over two modes, you'll certainly get your fill of cube crushing action.

Cubetrix 3D is a fun little puzzle game. While nothing spectacular, it's a solid spin on the match three genre that will have most puzzle fans glued to their screens.


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