Airport Scanner Review

By , on May 24, 2012

Airport Scanner
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3 out of 5


  • A good increase of difficulty from level to level without it feeling completely overwhelming.
  • Risky bonus feature at the end of each stage.


  • The fast track system can be confusing.
  • While money isn't a grave concern, some of the power-ups cost a ridiculous amount.


Whoever thought you could make an addictive and entertaining game about being a TSA agent? Airport Scanner has found a way.

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Airport security get a bad rap. With the cost of airfare, and the stress of airports, the last thing people want is to wait in a long queue to have their belongings man-handled and their privacy violated. Still, there are those who wish to sneak dangerous things passed the x-ray sensors, and now through the fun of your iPhone and Airport Scanner, you can catch these hooligans out and bring them to justice.

Security has to be balanced with efficiency however. For each plane of passengers that comes through the security terminal, you only have a set amount of time to allow them to make their flight.  It pays to be expedient. When a bag goes through the scanner, if any malicious objects are detected, tap on them and the offender will be apprehended. If there is nothing in a bag, you can sweep it along the scanner to speed onto the next piece of luggage. Searching bags with no items in them and letting a dangerous bag go through the scanners undetected will cost you time, as well as your score multiplier if you've been diligent in your duties.

In the scanning queue you will often find first class passengers or flight staff. By tapping the barricades, the queue can shift, and you can fast track these people through security for more points. Also, at the end of the day, there's a bonus game where you get to dole out justice to all those you caught out. You can choose the severity of their fine, and this increases the payout you'll get from them, but there is a chance that they won't pay, and in the case of the severe fine, it can backfire and you have to end up paying compensation, so it sometimes is best to be careful. The money gained from your duties can be used to buy power-ups, which can be a real asset, as each day on the job adds more items to the no-fly list (plus some rare finds if you're sharp enough to spot them).

For such a simple gameplay mechanic, Airport Security is a pretty addictive game. Balancing the bag searching with fast tracking passengers can lead to some hectic yet rewarding moments. Definitely for those looking for a new time waster, or are curious about airport scanning.


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