Dizzypad - Frog Jump Fun Review

By , on February 25, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Simple, addictive gameplay.
  • High score bar.


  • A little too simple.


Like Nimlebit's other titles, Dizzypad is a fun little time waster. Just don't expect a complex gameplay experience.

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Nimblebit seems to specialize in games of a simple premise that are hard to put down. Their latest effort Dizzypad is no different. You play a frog, and as a frog, obviously you are hopping from lily pad to lily pad. The problem arises when those lily pads won't stop spinning. How far can you get before the water claims you?

When your frog faces the next lily pad, tap the screen to jump, and that's it! Lilys will turn in different directions, and skipping a lily pad on your hop will grow a flower to add to your lives. One interesting feature is the high score bar on the left of the screen. It tracks how close you are to beating your current high score, so you always have something to aim for.

Visually the game is quite simple. There's some nice reflections upon the shimmering water, and the frogs are varied and colourful. The sound is minimal and the music has a swampy country vibe to it, but ipod play is supported. Unlocking achievements will open new frogs to try out, but it's only a visual change.

Dizzypad is a nice time waster. It's a simple game that should appeal to casual players, but the high score bar will interest those who are always looking to beat their personal best.


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