Inkvaders Review

By , on August 21, 2009

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4 out of 5


  • Great hand drawn visuals makes for a quirky game style.
  • Easy to use and responsive controls.


  • No online leaderboard options are currently available.
  • Players are limited to three main guns; would have like to see more gun options.
  • Gameplay can get very repetitive after a while.


The gameplay may be somewhat repetitive and limited in its highscore system, but it’s still a lot of alien killing fun. This title is worth the current price.

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Inkvaders is a run and gun type shooter where players controls a generic space marine known as ‘G’ as he fights his way through the oncoming alien invasion. You progress through the various levels killing aliens and collecting moon rocks for cash in order to upgrade your weapons and survive the ever increasing alien attacks.

The game controls are simple and effective to use. Players use the directional buttons to move, the boost button to use jetpacks to escape aliens or collect moon rocks for cash, and the shoot button. Players also tap on ammo boxes and the upgrade machine in order to use them throughout the level.

The game’s visuals are distinctly hand drawn without being crude. The notepad type art style is very well done and looks great. The sound is what you’d expect to be in a sci-fi game and the music changes to add tension during the ‘Rush’ periods, where aliens swarm you from both directions. Alternatively, players can use their iPod during gameplay. There are currently no online leaderboard options, but there are local highscore stats for both story and survival modes.

This is a game for fans the run and gun style shooters like Zombieville USA. The simple control scheme and well drawn visuals make this game a treat to play. But with a lack of online leaderboards and repetitive gameplay, you might get bored quicker than you’d like. However, if you are looking for a game to give you your quick action fix from time to time, then look no further.


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