Luke The Liftboy Review

By , on September 4, 2012

Luke The Liftboy 2.0
  • Publisher: exozet
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Released: 14 Jun, 2012
  • Size: 44.8 MB
  • Price: $1.99
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3 out of 5


  • Amusing character designs.
  • The music has that 'elevator music' quality; it really sets the mood.


  • The music has that 'elevator music' quality; sadly that mood is not always uplifting.
  • Gameplay far too slow.


A strategy game where you need to ferry colorful characters to different floors of a hotel before they get impatient and mad. The gameplay is a little too slow to reward any but the most dedicated players.

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UPDATE: My apologies for the editing-gremlin in this video - hopefully the issue is resolved. Thanks to those who pointed it out ;)

Being a lift boy must be a tedious enough job. Having to stand on your feet all day pressing buttons, and dealing with ear-worm inducing music, and the entire gamut of human shapes and sizes. Add to that a hotel that's busy during the football season, and the stress must just pile up exponentially. Well Exozet Games has taken this concept and made an arcade title out of it. As Luke, it's your duty to fulfill your daily ferrying quota as you transport increasingly bizarre passengers to the many different levels of your hotel, without them getting agitated or angry. It's really not as easy as it sounds.

The game starts off simple enough. The mini-map will notify you what passengers are waiting on what floors, and once you arrive, you can see what floor they wish to travel to. Tapping on them and tapping on the lift will make them enter, and then the up and down arrows will get you to your destination. Based on how quickly you accomplish this, and how many people get off on each floor, you'll procure bonuses, and it's these bonuses that will be the trick in meeting your quota past stage three.

The money you earn can also be used in the shop, upgrading the speed of the lift, and adding distractions on each floor to keep the denizens happy and occupied while you move between floors. The items can be pricey however so you'll want to make sure your lifting skills are top notch if you wish to grab everything as you play.

While the game has an amusing set of colorful characters to lift around, the gameplay itself is rather slow paced. Even in the levels when you're rushing to meet your quota as the timer ticks down, it just feels like everything is just moseying along, and that the upgrades aren't really going to make that much of a difference (or at least you're not going to be interested in playing up until the point that they do). Perhaps those gamers that have been looking for another elevator simulator since SimTower was released all those years ago might find some enjoyment here, but even as a time waster, this is hard to recommend.


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