Food Processing Review

By , on March 1, 2011

Food Processing
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3 out of 5


  • Fast, simple and fun food-slicing gameplay.
  • Unlockable 'Hell's Kitchen' mode for a frantic arcade-level challenge.
  • Additional visual themes to unlock.


  • Limited gameplay; small variety of food to learn/master.
  • Slice detection errors; corn can be sliced three times with one slice, etc.


Food Processing jumps on the food-slicing bandwagon, though in this case it's more of a conveyor-belt an its unique take on the gameplay will quickly have you finger-tied.

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I'm not sure what kind of crazy kitchen requires an endless stream of giant peas, sliced corn, eggplant, quartered pumpkins, torn pomegranates and shelled walnuts, but then again being a prep chef isn't the most glamorous job around, so you can let someone with a higher pay-grade worry about that. Food Processing by Embattle Games and Chillingo is yet another endless food-slicing title for the App Store, but unlike so many others this one takes things in a decidedly different direction.

On your first run through you'll be introduced to each item of food to be processed and the specific way in which it needs to be sliced in order to produce the maximum available score. Actions vary from simply tapping peas three times quickly to quartering pumpkins perfectly and even tearing open pomegranates to prevent wasting any of its precious cargo. Strings of 'perfect' processing are rewarded with bonus points and players are penalized up to three times for either missing a food item or attempting to process rotten food.

Initially this is easy enough, but as the food speeds up you're more likely to touch rotten food automatically and minor errors in processing can throw you off your rhythm, resulting in an item or two slipping through. Unlocking the 'Hell's Kitchen' mode (I'll assume there's no direct association) starts you off at a much faster pace, but to make things really interesting you'll also need to avoid a plethora of power-down's that penalize you by either banning certain items from being processed or even temporarily obscuring your view. Additional unlockable content is available, though this is more aesthetic than game-changing.

Food Processing is a surprisingly fun game to play, especially in the hectic Hell's Kitchen mode, but like so many endless games the fun is ultimately short-lived; worth grabbing if you're after something out of the ordinary to kill some time.


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