The Last Driver Review

By , on September 11, 2012

The Last Driver
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3 out of 5


  • The upgrades give you something to aim for.
  • Any game with a Tyrannosaurus is doing something right.


  • Short gameplay that invites either a lot of grinding or spending money to gain said upgrades.


A dystopian Mad Max-esque race for survival with zombies and dinosaurs. Short game time, a lot of upgrades, and average control weigh this release down.

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It seems that at the same time the world is beset by zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, and nuclear annihilation (which was obviously triggered to combat the first two horrors). Despite all this, there are still survivors, and some of them have cars. You might be the only one with a working car however. The game is called The Last Driver after all.

Fans of flash games will recognize the design here, as it's quite popular. Play the game, die rather quickly, use your coins to upgrade your vehicle, and then try again, getting a little further, and repeating the process until you've upgraded everything, or you get bored and move onto something else. Your car is controlled either by on screen buttons or tilt plus on screen buttons as aside from swerving to avoid the cars, zombies, boulders, and even dinosaurs, you have the ability to jump, and fire a weapon as well. As you play, there are missions to complete that will reward coins for completion, but these seem like they were thrown in at the end to create extra incentive to spend money via in-app purchase to unlock any you're having difficulty with (as they don't get replaced till all three missions are complete and you rank up).

The vehicle controls as well as you'd expect a battered down pile of rust to after an apocalypse. It swerves back and forth with relative ease, and obviously the upgrades will help this along as you travel further from the starting city into the wastelands, as the dangers become more immediate and harder to avoid.

With a decent enough rock soundtrack and solid visuals, The Last Driver is one of those games where you can play during an ad break on TV and enjoy yourself. One criticism is that the upgrades do require a lot of play and grinding to obtain after the initial few, but as long as you're enjoying the gameplay, this shouldn't be too much of a hassle for you... plus the Tyrannosaurus is a definite highlight. Depending on your game tastes, this easily can fall on either side of the 'buy it' fence so it does make it difficult to recommend.


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