Ric Rococo: International Art Thief Review

By , on July 30, 2009

Ric Rococo: International Art Thief
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4 out of 5


  • Minimalistic controls.
  • Simple gameplay.


  • Re-playability is limited to your personal level of OCD.


There are other similar games on the iPhone, but Ric Rococo: International Art Thief is so tongue in cheek that the rest just seem too serious and lose a lot of the mystique of being an "international art thief". It's simple and fun, what more could you ask?

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Ric Rococo: International Art Thief isn't just a fun stealth, puzzle platformer, it's stylish; and why shouldn't it when it features some of the world's greatest artwork. This is developer Honeyslug's first entry on to the iPhone and it's a steal on the app store.

Your objective is to claim as much of the artwork as possible by passing it to your sexy partner in crime through windows in a limited space of time. The controls have been minimized, with the major controls requiring you to tap and hold the sides of the screen to move left and right and a multi-purpose action button in the middle to perform various functions including hiding by posing for a camera on a pedestal.

There's a minimalist aesthetic to the art direction, but where that is often used in other games in place of better artwork, Rococo has enough attention to detail to justify the style. Triggering alarms will result in flashing lights and red-bordered rooms, while your counter quickly ticks down making your objective even harder.

A lot of time has gone in to balancing the difficulty of each level and it's worth going back to claim even more paintings just to see what Rococo and Nancy buy next with their loot. This is a fun game for all ages and although not entirely challenging, it'll should bring a smile to even a hardened gamer.


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Chesco 6 years ago

how do u rate this junk 4/5? :/