The Creeps! Review

By , on July 1, 2009

The Creeps!
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5 out of 5


  • Great sound design and effects.
  • Tons of game modes and levels to keep players entertained.
  • Simple controls make the game easy to play.


  • Not the hardest tower defence game you will find.
  • Like most tower defence games, gameplay can get a little repetitive.


If you love tower defence games, or want to see what the tower defence fuss is about, then The Creeps! is a great title to buy; especially at it’s current price.

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The Creeps! is a tower defence game where you must protect a scared little boy from the waves of creeps coming out of his closet. You must set up various attack towers in order to stop the creeps and can upgrade them to fight off the stronger boss enemies.

Players control tower positions by tapping on an open space and then selecting which tower to place. Once placed towers will attack enemies once they are in range, or players can select enemies or other objects to manually target them. Upgrades can be purchased by tapping on a tower and hitting the upgrade button. If you’ve played tower defence games before, you’ll be familiar with the controls.

The hand drawn cartoon visuals look great, and there is a surprising amount of different enemy appearances which helps to vary up the gameplay. The sound effects are amusing and make up for the game’s lack of music. But if players really want music, they can use their iPod with no loss of game sound effects. This is a single player game, but highscores can be submitted to a leaderboard or posted on Facebook.

The Creeps! is a great game with a lot of style and diversity in its gameplay. There are three levels of difficulty, three different game modes and twelve different levels, so the game has plenty of content here to keep you entertained. Besides that though the visuals and sound are unique, giving the game a certain charm. So if you’re looking for a new tower defence game with a ton of replay value, then look no further.


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