Resident Evil 4: PLATINUM Review

By , on July 28, 2009

Resident Evil 4: PLATINUM
  • Publisher: CAPCOM
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Released: 27 Jul, 2009
  • Size: 77.6 MB
  • Price: $4.99
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4 out of 5


  • Nice graphics.
  • Faithful port.


  • Bad AI.
  • Fiddly controls.


Overall Resident Evil 4 is a decent port and well worth the purchase for fans of the series or the survival horror genre in general.

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The Resident Evil series has respected history in video games, and now the fourth iteration has made its way to the iPhone. This port has tried to stay faithful to the looks and gameplay of its console counterpart, and mostly it is successful. Playing the part of Leon Kennedy, you have been asked to investigate the kidnapping of the President's daughter, however there is a lot more at play than it would seem.

The controls have been condensed to be fit on the iPhone's screen. Movement is achieved by using the touch sensitive stick on the left of the screen, with the draw gun/fire button on the right. Interacting with objects is done with a context sensitive button which will appear when something can be used. The system works well, but it can be fiddly to aim accurately when in combat, especially if you are beset by foes.

The graphics are great, being fully rendered in high quality 3D they look like they belong on a handheld gaming device. The sound is fine also, with an atmospheric soundtrack to draw you into the game and the moans of zombies being quite chilling. You can buy supplies through a vendor placed throughout the levels. This is a good addition as you will find yourself struggling to find ammo at times. The only major problem was the AI, which is slow to react to you presence. This is a solid action game aimed at RE fans and action lovers in general, and despite a twitchy camera it will deliver hours of fun.


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