Blokuz Review

By , on September 12, 2009

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3 out of 5


  • Three different game modes to choose from.
  • Online leaderboard options are available for each game mode.


  • Gameplay isn’t explained very well and can seem confusing.
  • There is usually only one solution to each puzzle despite being randomly generated, meaning you will screw up one move early and pay for it later.
  • There’s nothing especially new or inventive in this game.


This is one of those puzzle games that you might get frustrated with early and never play again. But if you enjoy a challenge and lots of careful thinking, then Blokuz might be worth the current price.

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Blokuz is a puzzle game where players must remove all coloured blocks from the game board by pairing them up. The levels begin using two types of coloured blocks, but soon more colours are used making the levels a lot more complicated.

By tapping on a block to highlight all touching blocks of that colour and then tapping again, players can clear that section from the game board. You can only clear away two or more touching blocks of the same colour and all blocks must be cleared in order to finish the level. You must choose which blocks to clear carefully. If a single block is left, you will lose a life and have to repeat the level.

The visuals and sound are good, but nothing spectacular. Players are free to use their iPod during gameplay which livens up the otherwise sound effect only gameplay. The game features three game modes to choose from, each with a different variation on the game and online leaderboard options.

Blokuz is an average puzzle title and might appeal to fans of Flood It!. The game itself isn’t terribly exciting or new, but the variety of game modes will keep you occupied. Also the game is quite hard and requires a lot of thought; which can sometimes become an incredibly frustrating experience. But if you enjoy putting a lot of thought into puzzle games, then you might have some fun with Blokuz.


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