Gundead Defense Review

By , on March 4, 2010

Gundead Defense
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3 out of 5


  • Introduction of multiplayer into the tower defense genre.


  • Visuals are low res and bland.


Tower defense and multiplayer for free, nuff said.

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Tower defense games are a dime a dozen on the iphone. If you're going to be taken seriously you need to be offering something special. Well how about multiplayer? Gundead Defense is a solid tower defense game that offers a multiplayer scenario to the genre that works surprisingly well. A young man named Cubby runs off to join his uncle and a gang of bank robbers to make some money, but what they didn't count on was zombies!

Like all tower defense games, control is a tap away. Drag units onto the field to place them, tap them to either upgrade or sell. After the introductory campaign level, the gamplay turns to the multiplayer mode against the computer where you choose which units to send out to your enemy, and then start the round, trying to defend your own base. This method works very well, and a heated game can ensue via wifi or pass and play.

The graphics work for the game, and that's about all you can say, although some of the character designs are interesting. The sound effects and music are decent, reinforcing the wild west theme of the game. The main campaign only has seven levels, but the story is decent, and then there's multiplayer. The game is currently free, with DLC ingame for more maps, and the ability to play as the zombies in a new campaign and multiplayer.

Gundead Defense is for those tower defense fans who are looking for something a little different. The campaign is solid, albeit short, but the multiplayer adds a whole new dimension to the genre. Since the game is free, if you enjoy the genre, this is worth the download.


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