Circuloid Brick Breaker Review

By , on March 3, 2011

Circuloid Brick Breaker
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4 out of 5


  • Crisp, Retina-display graphics; fast, smooth framerates.
  • Varied levels with unique ideas including bricks that can be pushed around.
  • Easy to pick up and play.


  • Limited content; fast to finish, only high-score incentives to replay.
  • Lucky/unlucky streaks can ruin some of the fun; being handed a win or a fail with little to no input can be disheartening.


While normal brick-breakers duke it out for supremecy while sticking to basic conventions, Circuloid pits you against a 360 degree arena and other unique challenges to keep you hooked.

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Take one circle, add paddles around it and insert a few bricks and a ball - it sounds simple enough, but 'Circuloid' by Macroscope is a unique take on the typical brick-breaking gameplay and by no means an easy game to master.

Several control variants are available, including simple swipes and tilt controls, though no matter what you choose the real skill is in keeping track of your ball (or balls depending on power-ups) while also keeping your paddles aligned around the play area. Various blocks can make the game more challenging, but it's the 'free-floating' variety that will have you tearing out your hair as you try to angle your shot to take in to account its movement around the level. Thankfully a concession to sanity is included in the game and a power-up can be collected when only two bricks remain to end the level immediately.

The usual assortment of bonuses can also be collected, however penalty items are also just as common and it's not unlikely to find yourself with now 'lives' left after a a string of bad-luck. Though in all fairness you're also just as likely to end up with a string of good-luck that ends your level in seconds as you pick up a triple-ball, with fireballs and bumper-shields to wipe out every block on screen. Also, given the previous release on the iPad, the graphics are sharp and Retina support makes even the tiniest of the game's bricks pop out clearly against the background.

Ultimately, Circuloid is another junk-food title that's addictive to play while you still have new content, but it's unlikely to remain satisfying for long after you're done. This isn't such a bad thing at all as you certainly have fun while playing it, but if you're after more than a brief distraction this might not be for you.


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